Five-star?  Always.
Fascinating, exclusive, up-close & personal?

The President's Tour was created specifically for dignitaries, religious and secular leaders, C.E.O’s and philanthropists.


The tour is curated by archaeologists, scholars, culinary and travel experts, military and intelligence specialists and Israel’s brightest innovators.

The President’s Tour delivers to each one of its guests a hand-crafted, exclusive, educational and unforgettable experience in the most fascinating country in the world.


Whether this is your first visit or a return visit, we guarantee you have never experienced Israel quite like this.



The President's Tour began as an itinerary for a sitting United States Governor, his wife and a group of business leaders from their state. We understood that the Governor needed to maximize his time and that he had an interest in the historic and modern miracle that is the land of Israel.


Israel presents a real challenge to any first time visitor. With so much to do and so much to see, how do you choose?


In order to create the absolute best tour possible, a team of experts were consulted.


Experts in Israel's hospitality industry, culinary arts, archeology, political and military history, high-tech sector, business leaders and innovators.


The trip was a remarkable success and The President's Tour was born.


At The President's Tour we understand people who want to maximize their time, learn about a country in an up close and personal way and get high-level exclusive access.


CEO’s. Dignitaries. Governors and Mayors. Secular and religious leaders.


You can read two dozen books on Israel but nothing will be as impactful as experiencing it first hand. Seeing the topography of the land during a helicopter ride, an intimate meeting with a current knessett member or experiencing a shabbat dinner in a private home in the old city of Jerusalem is some of what makes The President's Tour unique and unlike any other tour of Israel. 


Think of it this way.


Pick your favorite actor or athlete. Say, Mel Brooks and Michael Jordan.


Imagine that there were organized tours of their homes and offices. Some better some worse.


Now imagine taking the tour with Mel or Michael. Sitting in the home theater with Mel and talking about Blazing Saddles, hearing personal anecdotes about what happened behind the scenes. Or going out to Michael’s gym and playing a game of horse while discussing the final shot against the Jazz.


It’s up-close. It’s personal. It’s a once-in-a-life-time experience.


The President's Tour was created to give you just that. Exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the history, archeology, architecture, people, culinary, government, military, business and culture of Israel.


We don’t just want you to see the beautiful sites. We want you to experience the country from the inside.


That means meeting the people in their homes, visiting with leaders in the military, politics, archaeology, medicine and Israel’s unparalleled high-tech “start up nation”.

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The President’s Tour is an exclusive, up-close and personal tour of Israel, delivering to each one of its guests an unforgettable, five-star experience in the most fascinating country in the world. The Presidents Tour was created specifically for dignitaries, C.E.O’s and philanthropists. The Presidents Tour is designed to give you insight, knowledge and first-hand experience of ancient and modern Israel; from Abraham to Google, Herod’s Temple to the Six Day War, King David’s palace to one of the world leaders in high-tech and medical innovations. This exclusive tour was created and is curated by Israel's top archaeologists, culinary and travel experts, military historians and intelligence specialists.


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